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Lover of food, cooking, mountains and the ocean

Part time learner, full time adventure-seeker, she looks best only when she’s on the road to a new adventure; cooking up a storm in the kitchen; or just by being at the dinner table. She believes in being some kind of brave whenever she steps out of her door. In her dreams, she wears a cape and escapes the 9 to 5.

When it comes to food, she hopes to rejuvenate the food culture to what it used to be - fresh, inexpensive, wholesome and something that binds people. Which is why she believes in home-cooking and only using fresh ingredients. 

Her inspirations come from the spritely and fiercely loyal grandmothers of Tuscany, Italy, interlaced with the taste of her own culture. And on days where her gratitude exceeds her expectations, she has really good ones.


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